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Hendry County Property Appraiser - Dena R. Pittman
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F A Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  • Agriculture Classification / Information
  • Tangible Personal Property
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    Agriculture Q & A (Back to Top)

    Q: Can I have Agricultural Classification on my Homestead parcel?
    A: Yes, if it is a "Bona fide" Commercial Agricultural Business, except for your home site. If your Homestead has a capped savings and you qualify for Agriculture Classification, then you decide in the future to stop the Agriculture venture you will lose a portion of your capped savings.

    Q: I changed my land into a "Business Name" with a Recorded Deed. Do I have to refile an Agriculture application? Example would be; John Doe to John Doe LLC
    A: Yes, any name change has to have a new application, if the property is still a "Bona Fide" Commercial Agricultural Business.

    Q: How many cows do I have to have?
    A: There is no set number. One cow on one acre is typically not a "Bona fide" Commercial Agriculture Business, while 50 cows on 100 acres could be. Production of livestock for personal use does not qualify.


    Tangible Personal Property Q & A (Back to Top)

    Q: Why must I file a return?
    A: Florida Statute 193.052 requires that all tangible personal property be reported each year to the Property Appraiser's office. If you receive a return, it is because our office has determined that you may have property to report. If you feel that this form is not applicable, return it with an explanation. Either way, the form MUST be returned to our office. Failure to receive a Personal Property Tax Return (DR-405) does not relieve you of your obligation to file.

    Q: How do I obtain the form DR-405 form?
    A: In addition to being available at our offices and on our website, a return is mailed to Tangible Personal Property owners of record at the beginning of each year. If you did not receive one, contact the Property Appraiser’s Office.

    Q: How do I complete a DR-405?
    A: Our Sample DR-405 Form Guide is available as a tool to assist you. Should you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact our office in LaBelle 863-675-5270 or from Clewiston 863-983-1591.

    Q: What if I have no assets to report? Do I still need to file a return?
    A: Yes, Even if you feel that you have nothing to report, fill out items 1-9 on the return and attach an explanation of why nothing was reported. However, almost all businesses and rental units have some assets to report even if they are only supplies, rented equipment or household goods.

    Q: If I am no longer in business, should I still file a return?
    A: Yes, if you are no longer in business on January 1 of the tax year please complete Tangible Notice of Change Form along with your DR-405 and return them to our office, fax to 863-675-5254 or email to hcappraiser@hendrypa.com.

    Q: What if I sold or closed my business within the past year?
    A: In addition to filing a final tax return, you should complete a Tangible Notice of Change Form. The forms must be returned to the Property Appraiser’s Office, fax it to 863-675-5254 or email to hcappraiser@hendrypa.com.

    Q: What if I have old equipment that has been fully depreciated and written off the books?
    A: All property still in use or in your possession whether fully depreciated in your accounting records or not, should be reported.

    Q: Do I have to report assets that I lease, loan, borrow, rent, or are provided in the rent?
    A: Yes. In the leased, loaned or rented equipment area on your return you must specifically list those assets. Even though the assets are assessed to the owner, they must be listed for informational purposes. Click Here for Tangible Sample DR-405 Form.

    Q: Do I need to file a return each year if I am Wholly Exempt?
    A: Yes, many organizations which are wholly exempt from paying taxes are under the misconception that they need not file an annual Tangible Personal Property Return. It is the duty of the Property Appraiser to assess all property. According to State Law, all values, exempt or not, must be reported to the state. Filing a return does not, in any way, affect your exempt status. Failure to file correctly does affect our county value. The State uses values reported by the County to project growth rates. This affects our schools and other entities which receive state funding.
    After your initial asset listing, you will receive a list each year with your DR405 stating what we have assessed to your organization. You can update your return by listing the items you have disposed of and writing in names and original cost of items you purchased on your DR-405.
    If your organization does not file; a value is assigned according to rules set forth in Florida Statues (see Florida Statute 196.195, 196.196, 196.197, 196.2001, 196.2002 for more information). Filing an itemized return each year allows the Property Appraiser to place a more accurate value on your property. You can help our county produce a fair and equitable tax roll for all citizens by filing your itemized return.
    If you need assistance anytime, please do not hesitate to call (863-675-5270 or 863-983-1591). Our office will be more than happy to help you or to answer any questions that you may have concerning your Tangible Personal Property.

    Q: Is my mobile home considered Real or Tangible Personal Property?
    A: If you own both the land and the Mobile Home and it is permanently set up, it is considered real property. If you do NOT own the land but do own the Mobile Home, you are required to purchase a Mobile Home decal in January of each year. The Mobile Home decal takes the place of Tangible Personal taxes on the Mobile Home.

    Q: Do I file a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return if I have land that has an "Agricultural Classification"?
    A: Yes, in order for your land to be classed as agricultural, you had to have filed an application in our office requesting the classification. The application states that your land is used in good faith for commercial agricultural; which means the main use of this land is for business purposes.
    Generally, where there is a business, there is equipment being used in this business. It is required that you file a Tangible Personal Property return on an annual basis listing this equipment, its age and original cost.
    If your land is leased to another individual for agricultural purposes, it is the lessee who needs to file on their equipment. However, since your property taxes are affected, it is to your benefit to be sure this is done on a timely basis.
    Unless you specify a caretaker's name, phone number and address, returns stating "no equipment" will be given to the Agricultural Department for review of classification status. This could jeopardize your taxable classification.
    If you have additional questions please contact our office (863-675-5270 or 863-983-1591) we will be glad to assist you in any way we can. (See Agricultural Classification)


    Contact Info (Back to Top)

    Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.


    This information was derived from data which was compiled by the Hendry County Property Appraiser Office solely for the governmental purpose of property assessment. This information should not be relied upon by anyone as a determination of the ownership of property or market value. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the accuracy of the data herein, it's use, or it's interpretation. Although it is periodically updated, this information may not reflect the data currently on file in the Property Appraiser's office. The assessed values are NOT certified values and therefore are subject to change before being finalized for ad valorem assessment purposes.

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